Risk reminder
Last Winner is a zero-sum game. Each round of first-time players has an absolute advantage, and the latter is more risky. Please carefully study the rules of the game. Once the game is started, it will never stop. Please pay attention to the opportunity at the beginning of each round.
Take risks

How to play Last Winner?


Last Winner (LW) is the first fully decentralized Fomo3D game DAPP, based entirely on the Ethereum Smart Contract native development. Just download and install the app to participate in the game. LW built-in Ethereum wallet basic function, solves the problem that most users can't install browser wallet plug-in. At the same time, LW version of the game interface is more beautiful, the experience is more smooth, and the gameplay is more exciting. Learn two concepts before the game:

1. Game Introduction

2. Playing The Game

3. Game Overview

4. Game Steps

5. The Teams

Team LW Players Pot
Snake 63% 10%
Cook 15% 58%
Bull 37% 36%

6. Pot Distribution

Team Kept for next round pot LW Players
Snake 10% 40%
Cook 40% 10%
Bull 25% 25%

7. Referral System

8. Random Airdrops